Product Overview

We, Exact Dynamics, are a highly respected company with over 20 years experience in building advanced robotic systems.

Our latest innovation is the AMOR arm, a newly developed unique robot arm for research, laboratory, educational, and academic use. Its low pricing in combination with its incredible feature list makes it a highly competitive product.

High Dexterity

The AMOR arm offers 7 degrees of freedom, allowing the arm to find its way even in highly cluttered environments. The arm can reach at a distance of 1 meter. Additionally, three out of its seven joints allow infinite rotation, making the robot arm highly dexterous.

Handle All Objects

The AMOR arm is the strongest robot arm in its class. Handling payloads up to 2.5 kg., the AMOR can manipulate a great variety of objects. This gives the AMOR for example enough strength to open doors, which is a common task for mobile service robots.

Safe and Slim Design

AMOR has been designed with safety in mind. Its unique design allows the product to be folded in an extremely compact volume. Weighing less than 9.5 kilograms, AMOR can easily be integrated in existing systems. All wiring is hidden behind the product covers, which not only increases safety but also gives the AMOR a friendly appearance.

Modular End Effector

In many research applications, there is a need for attaching different or additional peripherals to the tool of the robot arm. AMOR includes a specially designed interface at the tool attachment point for adding your own peripherals, such as camera's, force sensors and/or alternative grippers.

Operation & Programming

The arm can be operated with through a 1Mbit CAN interface. In combination with a highly intuitive Application Programmers Interface (API) the arm offers several operation modes, one for each type of use. E.g. for education in control engineering, the API offers low level access to motor PWM values, while for applied research the API offers point-to-point control of the arm joints.

Technical Specifications
AMOR 7 DOF Robot Arm
Degrees of Freedom 7
Max. Payload 2.5 kg
Reach (w/o tool) 95 cm
End Effector (Optional) two-fingered gripper
Digital (incremental) motor position feedback Resolution at least 0.16°
Absolute rotary encoder Resolution 0.3°
Slipper Clutch In base and in shoulder joint
Inherently Safe Compliant gripper fingers
Dimensions & Weight
Weight 9 kg
Size of Foot Print 120x85x20 mm
Packaging Foam filled hard shell transportation case
Type 1 Mbit/s CAN
Connector D-SUB 9 female
Functionality High speed (up to 1KHz) low level PWM motor voltage control,
current control,
(buffered) PID position control
Position Feedback Up to 1KHz position feedback
Power consumption 24V DC, 5A
API Functionality
Supported operating system Microsoft Windows
Joint Position Control
Joint Velocity Control
Cartesian Position Control **
Cartesian Velocity Control **
Environment & Surroundings
Working Environment Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Working Temperature 0° - 50°
Humidity < 80% RH, no condensation, no frosting
Vibration 3G Max
Storage Temperature -20 ° - 70°