Usage Examples

The importance and the application of service robots for dull, dirty and/or dangerous tasks is expected to experience immense growth the coming years. Below we summed up some examples that gives a brief outline of conceivable kinds of projects that can benefit from using an AMOR arm.

(Mobile) Assistance Robotics

  • Tele-operated service robots
  • Transportation and stocking tasks
  • Autonomous service & assembly robots
  • Research and development of rehabilitation and assistive robots

Control Engineering

  • Algorithms for controlling redundant manipulators
  • Research on model-based control
  • Visual servoing

Human-Robot Interaction

  • Research on human-like cooperation with the help of humanoid service robots
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
  • Robotics for entertainment

Development & Testing of Robot Components

  • Sensor systems
  • Control algorithms
  • Machine learning algorithms


  • Control engineering courses & workshops
  • Robotics courses & workshops